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Dean Winchester Bottoms
Fic: Catch Me When I Fall 
5th-May-2016 01:09 pm
vintage duck
Catch me When I Fall
Written by: majestic_duxk
Art by: seafoxfire
Ships: Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester
Rating: R
Word Count: 5979
Tags: Angel!Au, Fallen!Sam, King of Hell!Sam, possessive!Sam,Angry!Sam,non con,dub con,Show level violence, bottom!Dean, Top!Sam,Light Sadism, Angel Dean, Hopeful Ending, Collar, Bondage, Marking
Summary: Dean fell for Sam. But Sam needs so much more.

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Author Notes: written for the wincest reverse bang

Link to Fic: Ao3 | LJ
Link to Art: Tumblr

nb please feel free to leave a comment on my lj or ao3 if you read! comments are locked due to continual spam.
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